Heal Your Saboteurs With Yin Yoga & Meridians

A 4-week course that helps you identify your saboteur types, shows you how to stop operating from your inner saboteurs (negative self) & start living life through your inner sage (empowered self). What you'll learn:

  • Explanation of the universal saboteur and how it's formed
  • Quiz to identify your saboteur types
  • Lecture to explore the rise of your unique saboteurs and related meridian pathway imbalances
  • Full practices including yin yoga, meditation & yoga nidra to harmonize your energy
  • Guidance to restore your sage powers



This program includes lectures followed and Soulful Yin Yoga practice (for all-levels). Includes downloadable lecture slides.

Course Curriculum

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Annie Au

Founder, E-RYT 500, YACEP

I've created Soulful Yin Yoga Method, a yin yoga teacher training that focuses on supporting your emotional healing & self-love journey through yin yoga.

'Finding happiness' was what prompted me onto my spiritual path. Nevertheless, after 10 years of chasing spirituality, I realized that there is no amount of meditation or yoga classes that can 'make' me happier. Happiness needs to come from within.

My personal healing journey has brought me to the practice of yin yoga and Chinese meridians. I've created a yin yoga formula that helps me tune to my feelings, regulate my nervous system and tap into my potential all while shedding my emotional baggages.

From my own self-healing success, I created Soulful Yin Method with the mission to help others connect with their emotions and become transformative yin yoga teachers.

I've been certifying yoga teachers through Yoga Alliance US since 2013 and lead trainer at All Yoga Training.